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Product Overview

Resurrection Clover® is our premier KFP blend.  From early spring green-up to late in the season, whitetails pursue food sources high in protein.  The highly palatable, protein-rich forage Resurrection Clover® produces is ideal for young deer still under development to older whitetails that struggle to metabolize the food they eat into their system and all those in between.  Resurrection Clover® is capable of producing 35-37% protein that whitetails crave!


Weight 6lb
Coverage Plants a solid 1/2 acre, and can be mixed or blended with all other KFP products.
Seed Type Perennial
Sunlight Needed Full sun, down to 4 Hours - Prefers morning and mid-day sun.
Soil Type Resurrection Clover will produce and thrive in a variety of soil types: sandy, rocky, clay and loamy, but prefers a moist wet soil over dry, well-drained soil.
Planting Season Early spring, summer, and fall 
Seed Variety KFP Crimson White Clover, Advantage Ladino Clover, KFP Improved Red Clover, Berseem Clover, Alsike Clover, KFP Improved White Clover
Seed Size Small – see planting instructions tab for more step by step planting details
Existing Food Plot (recommended lbs per acre) 12lb
Planting zone ZONE 1 2 3 4. See planting guide for details.

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