Timberline Pants-MH-P20

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Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

Product Overview

Please allow 6 – 8 weeks from time of order for product to ship. Call for custom orders and pricing. Colors: Early Fall, Fall, Winter, Tiger Stripe and Reverse Tiger Stripe Sizes: 28″- 50″ You put your pants through a lot of abuse – sitting in snow, scrambling through sharp scree, climbing in and out of tree stands. Think about the predicament you’d be in if your pants ever fell down on the job. But with our Timberline pants, you won’t have anything to worry about. These pants are the best-designed, most useful and warmest field pants available. Extremely functional six-pocket design features a huge double layer of wool in the seat, triple knees for ironclad durability, and two bellows cargo pockets that will hold just about anything you care to stuff into them. We add suspender buttons so you don’t have to, and the built-in adjustable waist tabs make it a snap to accommodate heavier or lighter long underwear.